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What You Need to Know Before Choosing Tile Sealer

Many times, when installing new tiles, people tend to ask about the need to seal the grout. However, the response one will get from different contractors tend to be different. Here are the benefits of sealing tiles and the steps to follow in choosing the right tile sealer.

Sealing tiles is known to create a brand new look to the tiles. Besides, sealing tiles, make them more water resistant therefore not vulnerable to damage or discoloration. When you leave tiles unsealed, they will be rampant to dirt caused by liquids that spill on them. The remedy of removing stains is through the use of bleachers, however, some of these stains such as oils cannot be completely removed.

The other effect of leaving tiles unsealed is that they support the growth of mold. Studies show that molds are best habited in damp and warm surfaces such as between unsealed tiles. One of the ways of preventing moisture from accumulating between tiles is by sealing the tiles, by doing so, molds won’t find a place to grow.

Homeowners need to ensure that they have sealed their tiles using a good sealant since the process is not costly. Sealing your tiles is easy and cheap, all you need to do is to find an affordable, good quality spray sealant in the market. Unlike paints that take hours to completely dry, tile sealants are easy to apply and they dry faster.

Now that you understand the reasons why you need to seal your grout, in this section we will take you through the things to consider when choosing a tile sealer. First and foremost, before spending money on a tile sealant product, you need to understand the tile type you have in your house. The reasons why you need to know the type of tile you have used in your house is that most of them tend to be different in color, size, shape and are made from different materials. Here are the examples of tiles, they include ceramic, composite stone, natural stone, porcelain, and even glass. The type of sealant you will use on ceramic tiles will be different from that of porcelain tiles.

Now that you know the type of materials used in making the tiles you have in your home, you need to determine the type of sealant you will need. Here are the two main types of sealants you can use, these include topical and penetrating sealants. When searching for tile sealants, you can choose topical ones since they dry on the surface of the tile thereby ideal for preventing liquids from going through. Penetrating sealants, on the other hand, use a different tactic, they sink into the pores of a tile and stopping any liquid from filling up the micro-holes and fissures.

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